OS-related problems that might occur

Windows 7+

First of all, see to it that you are Administrator (you are in the Administrators group).
Program compatibility should have been set to XP SP3 automatically. If not, you may do it by manually.
1. Unexpected error, quitting:
Switch off your UAC for administrators, because Windows 7+ cannot always cope with programs designed in the pre-Win7 age. If your edition doesn't allow that, use this reg file, or switch it off entirely.
2. Could not write to \\yourcomputername\FsClient\FMS: cause is your permission on the share created by the program.
- Check your sharing permissions on the
\\yourcomputername\FsClient share: Properties, Sharing, Advanced, Permissions, listed is 'Everyone', click Full control.
- Make sure you have setup your network properly so you can read and write to files on the shares on your computer.

Vista: We advise to switch to Windows 7 or 10.

1. Install and run logged on as administrator. Run as is not enough.
2. Be sure to switch to pre-Vista compatibility. Setting to XP, Win2000, or even Win98 might be needed.
(MS recently has admitted that backward compatibility for XP programs is not good enough. Now the advice to companies is, to switch to Windows 7+. )
(Must have Vista resource: http://www.helpware.net/VistaCompat.htm)
If you get something like 'unexpected error', you are running under UAC: switch it off . Or use this registry file.

Mixed environments and network problems

(Vista/Win7+  AND (XP OR even Win2k))
Win7+ and Vista look at the network resources in a different way than earlier Windows systems. Usually, FsXPand on XP and FsClient on Win7+/Vista works well. FsXPand is the server component.
It is needful that XP can see the Win7+/Vista network resource to connect to (hostname, or IP address in the host box should be recognised)

If the network doesn't seem to work in a mixed OS environment:
The question is whether Vista is seeing the WinXP machine on the network.
Can you copy files from one machine to the other? Can you ping either machine from the other one? (Start, Run, type: ping, or whatever the IP address is you want to check on).

If that cannot be done please check the following:

1. Turn on network discovery
2. Turn on file sharing as well under the 'network and sharing center'
3. Make sure the Vista machine is in the same workgroup as the other pc's.
4. Be sure to grant IP addresses in the same range.
5. You have to set up identical user accounts (with the same user name and password) when you network XP or Vista in order to access pre-Win7/Vista shares. Or the OS will not allow access for security reasons.

Your anti-virus or personal firewall might be interfering with this operation. If you suspect, disable it for the time being.