Client for FSXFollow


7 september 2020

FsXPand.exe 8.1.4 replacement here for FsXPand subscribers here
Place it inyour FsXPand installation folder. Contains all previous patches.
28 augustus 2020

FsXPand.exe 8.1 replacement here for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
Place it inyour FsXPand installation folder. Contains all previous patches.
Please note: This replacement is only for version 8.1. For 7.x users, please upgrade to 8.1 first.

29 april 2020

Download FsXPand patch for P3D-v5 here A replacement for the file in your FsXPand installation folder. Contains all previous patches.

1 april 2020

Download FsXPand Remote view patch (3d cockpit view Flight Tracker) replacement for your FsXPand.exe To make the remote pilot or passenger have this view, enable Tracking in FsXPand, and direct them to the 3D tracking page at their browser and have them select your session (aircraft name). FsXPand can be used across the internet. See here for instructions. Note: If you get "requires FsXPand 8.1.0" in the client, then get the 6 february patch (replacement for the client) 16 February 2020
Download Battery switch offset update
For the use of our black cockpit function, FsXPand reads the battery switch value from the native FS offset, while 3rd party a/c like PMDG use different offsets.
You can now customize this in your Offets.ini (281C -> 6475) just the way it was with the MCP heading bug (07CC -> 652C).
Just swap the labels. Here is the update, a replacement for your FsXPand.exe and your Offsets.ini file.
Contains all previous patches.

6 February 2020
Download flap gauges update
The latest PMDG 737 FSX version have different values in the internal flap data.
This causes the flap gauge to malfunction.
Here is the update, a replacement for your FsClient.exe. Contains all previous patches.

27 January 2020
Download patch
If you get the message Panel requested does not exist in FsClient: That's right.
In FsClient, you select a cockpit name for your panel setup.
On connection, this one will be set by FsXPand in all clients. make sure you create the same cockpit name in FsXpand.
But the application should not crash. This is the replacement exe.

30 November 2019


Download FsXPand Single
Download FsXPand Single (single gauge mode) (23MB)
FsXPand-Single allows the use of one external gauge on your flight simulator. You can choose one of 8 available instruments. It runs on your simulator PC, out-of-the-box, no setup procedures.
Familiarize yourself with the FsXPand concept of configurable gauges of high graphic quality. Also great to add a missing instrument to your sim.

30 November 2019
We will have a December sale for the coming month. Discounts are on the order page.

25 November 2019
There was an error in the FsXPand full download: if you have a version conflict. Please download again, or use the patch of 15 september.

1 November 2019
Download FsXPand Tracker

Download FsXPand Tracker (Flight Tracker/Approach Trainer addition) (8MB)
FsXPand Tracker is the stand-alone FsXPand server component that connects with for the purpose of tracking your simulator flight.
Another purpose is a training facility: Using a browsing device, you can practice approaches and take-offs,
where you select your runway from the wordwide database at , placing your aircraft exactly where you need it.

FsXPand Tracker does not connect to your FsClient. You need the complete FsXPand/FsClient package to do that.

Full FsXpand also provides these tracking/training functions.

15 october 2019
Primary Flight Display (horizon correction)
Download new script for the Primary Flight Display (horizon correction)

15 September 2019
Approach Trainer addition available.

Download Approach Trainer addidtion (350kb)
You need this patch to enable the Approach Trainer on the track menu of this website. It is a replacement for the server component, to be unzipped and copied over the existing FsXPand.exe 8.1.0 in your FsXPand folder.
30 June 2019
FsXPand/FsClient 8.1 released. This is a complete new install. If you keep your 7.X, make sure you remove the shares.

Download FsXpand and FsClient version 8.1 (72 Mb)
(Please note: This download already contains the 15 september patch) The unregistered (demo) version is fullly functional, but limited in session time. !! Version 7.X keys won't work on this release. 7.X and previous license owners will have to upgrade, see order page. Online feature: You can now track your flight by switching the feature on in FsXpand and then go to Track page

- Added Mooney Bravo cockpit
- Added Kingair 200 en 350 engine gauges
- Added prop sync gauge
- QNH (Altimeter) can now be set separately for Captain and F/O
- The ADF indicator will change now needles VOR1/VOR2 and ADF1/ADF2. A separate key command can be set for this purpose.
- Night lighting is now available. You can set you intensity and tone of colour. Follows your light switch.
- For those who run more than 1 client on a machine: You can set the name of the client so you can easily identify it.
- Performance upgraded

7 March 2019
Upgrade will contain gauge backlighting. QNH wil be set for CAP and F/O separately. Several gauges will be updated, DH on radar alt etc. And what else is up my sleeve...

27 February 2019
Working on an upgrade. More about that later.