FsXPand runs on board several simulators of flight training companies in the USA and Mexico, and even at an airline. Below the appreciation of our customers has been quoted.

Thank you an a splendid program, my compliments!
R. from Netherlands

FsXPand would be perfect for my setup due to the versatility with so many different gauges. They look really amazing!
R. from Denmark

First, congratulations for your great program.
X. from Spain

I see that customer service hasn't changed, just as good as it ever was.
A. from France

Thanks so much for your quick response and explanation of my problem. I have had very good success with FSXpand for many years now and I wish you all the best in your development of this product. Thanks much
G. from USA

I have been very pleased with fsxpand. I am running 3 clients on an old computer and it works very well.  I have upgraded to 7 but haven't tried it yet. The new gauges look great. Thanks for a great product. 
J. from USA

Thanks for your great Software.
K. from Switzerland

I have been working with your software I think is very useful and practical.
R. from Mexico

I am very happy, great program and still a lot to discover. I have been messing around with a lot of other programs but this is really superb! This is what I have been looking for. (Translated)
J. from France

Thank you so much....
Now i can have fun with your great software. Thanks again.
T. from UK
Your FSXPand 6.1 is running perfect in my Cockpit, see the pictures.
T. from Germany

You have created a brilliant piece for a flight sim enthusiast. You are a true ambassador for the people who wants to combine realism with a manageable price tag.
A. from USA

Thanks for all your Work done with FsXpand so far! It's really a great piece of software I'd never give away anymore!
R. from Switzerland

I have not been flying for a while, but I started again lately and found FsXPand. How well that looks! I have the software running and it works really super. (Translated)
D. from the Netherlands

Thanks Gert - what a great product!
J. from Australia