FsXPand 8.x Gauges library

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Make a set of suitable holes in your mip and watch the reality of our gauges. All gauges may have frames. Please note the various types of frames to choose from. Glass overlays available like in the example, but not shown in the overview below for clarity.
HSI Bendix/King

Airspeed Indicators
AI Cessna Alti Cessna ASI Cessna HORIZON Collins
AI Beech Alti Beech asi Beech AI Gen
AI Boeing Alti Collins asi Collins HORIZON Generic
AI bendix K256 ALTI Generic standby altimeter airspeed Boeing
Attitude Indicator Dash Alti ASI
standby altimeter airspeed Boeing Radalt ASI

Turn Coordinators
Vertical Speed
HSI Bendix/King TURNCO Cessna HORIZON Generic VSI Cessna
HSI Generic TURNCO Genericstyle= VOR Bendix VSI Beech
HSI TURNCO Rate 2 VOR1 Generic VSI Collins
TURNCO Rate 2 VOR2 Generic VSI
Soon4 Turnco VOR Legacy VSI

ADF Indicators
Fuel Indicators
Fuel Indicators
ADF Bendix/King Fuel VSI Cessna HORIZON Generic
RMI Collins FUEL beechcraft
FUEL beechcraft HORIZON Generic
737 Brake Pressure Fuel Soon: 737 Clock

Oil Press/Temp
Temperature RPM
Vac/Amp Cessna OIL  gauge Cessna HORIZON Generic
RPM CEssna
Vac/Amp Cessna OIL  gauge Cessna HORIZON Generic RPM CEssna
Vacu Oil combi Beech ITTemp Beech GasGen Beech
AMPS OIL combi ITT Gasgen
Flap Oil combi ITT Gasgen
PCFS Oil combi ITT NH
Man Press
Fuel Flow
TRQ Prop RPM & 2nd RPM
Manifold Baron Fuel Flow Baron Torque Beech Prop RPM Beech
Fuel flow Beech TORQ Heli Prop
Fuel flow Torque Prop
Fuel flow Torque Prop
Fuel flow Torque NL