With FSXFollow and FsXpand you can practive take-off and approaches on any airport you wish

ID City Name Details
KTVR Tallulah-Vicksburg Vicksburg Tallulah Regl Details
PA90 Gladwyne Flat Rock Details
FQCB Cuamba Cuamba Details
5TX4 Lewisville Black Mark Strip Details
40LL Westervelt Stoune Rla Details
YCKN Cooktown Cooktown Details
KCRZ Corning Corning Mun Details
MD09 Queen Anne Meadow Brook Details
HCMI Berbera Berbera Details
4G4 Youngstown Youngstown Elser Metro Details
LTBK Izmir Gaziemir AB Details
6CA1 Macdoel Triple R Ranch Details