With FSXFollow and FsXpand you can practive take-off and approaches on any airport you wish

ID City Name Details
ID54 Sandpoint Bottle Bay Details
SPYL Talara Capitan Montes Details
6W6 Hanover Hanover Details
KRUQ Salisbury Rowan Co Details
7TS3 San Marcos Wyatt Details
16WI Phelps Lac Vieux Desert Details
SMNI New Nickerie Maj. Fernandes Details
SD77 Rapid City Barber Strip Details
2NE4 Gordon Spring Lake Details
KAVP Wilkes-Barre Wilkes-Barre-Scranton Intl Details
9WI1 Hortonville Black Otter Details
KSDF Louisville Louisville Intl-Standiford Details