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Pro Station for iPad


What is Pro Station?
Central Station is an app for iOS lets you control model trains on the go through Märklin Central Station 3.
Why should I use Pro Station?
The goal of Pro Station is to make controlling your model trains easy while you're on the go. You can control your trains, switches and booster, and view your track layout. You can also share your track layout with other users, and download layouts from other users.
Will Pro Station have more functionality in the future?
Absolutely, the goal is incorporate all functionality which is offered by Märklin Central Station 3, and build new ideas on top of that.
What functionality is currently present in Pro Station?
  • Control your lokomotives
  • Control switches
  • Control your booster
  • Get notifications from booster
  • Get notifications from lokomotives
  • View your track layout
  • Share you track layouts


Are updates for Pro Station free?
Yes! Pro Station will be updated for free through the App Store.
Can I install Pro Station on more than one device?
Yes! You can install Pro Station on as many devices as you want. Your purchase will be made available on all compatible devices linked with your App Store account.


On which devices can I install Pro Station?
Pro Station works on all iPhones and iPads with iOS 15 or higher. You can also the version on MacOs as it supports iPad applications
Does Pro Station work with Märklin Central Station 2?
No, you always need a Märklin Central Station 3 to connect with Central Station.
Does Pro Station work with Märklin Mobile Station?
No, you need a Märklin Central Station 3 to connect with Central Station . If you have a Märklin Mobile Station 2 connected to your CS3, it will show up in the devices list though.
What else do i need to use Pro Station
Download the free utility from here, coming soon
Can I install Pro Station on my Android phone or tablet?
No, unfortunately not. If you want to use Pro Station on a tablet or smartphone, you'll need an iPhone, iPad or Windows Equavalent


Some things in Pro Station are not working as expected, what should I do?
That's unfortunate, but we're here to help. Send us a message, and we'll try to solve the issue.


How does Pro Station work?
Pro Station clients communicates through the cloud with Pro station on your iDevice
Who created Pro Station?
Pro Station is developed and maintained by PositionGames


Märklin and Central Station 3 are trademarks of Gebr. Märklin & Cie GmbH, registered in the U.S. and other countries.