Remote Pilot

Go flying with your far away copilot (or grandma)
Maybe it has never occurred to you... but you can run FsXPand/FsClient over the Internet just like an online game.
If we cannot meet our flying mates for some time, we can still take our simulator friends aboard. Or even take passengers along. Just knock in another IP address, set your router to open a port, and connect to each other online.

The procedure is as follows:
1. Allow an extra client in FsXPand for the remote pilot (set box number of clients)
2. Tell your remote pilot what port number to use in his FsClient ( if you have 2 clients in total, this would be 9001)
3. Enable port sharing in your Internet router to accept FsClient calls to that port number
4. Tell your copilot to put your (external) Internet IP address in the Host box of his FsClient. You can look this up at your modem/router.

Please note:
At the FsXpand side, run the client(s) via the local IP address, not the Internet address. Otherwise the local client(s) will try to talk to itself. Seeing an absurd transfer rate? That's an indication.
To make the remote pilot or passenger have an outside view, enable Tracking in FsXPand, and direct them to the 3D tracking page at their browser ( ).

The remote yoke can be used via the FsClient joystick interface. There will be a slight delay, 0.25-0.5 seconds depending on your Internet connection. Or send any command using the key command interface or suitable hardware cards.
Or you may try to run Wideview over VPN...