When you are a happy customer, we like to show your efforts here. If you send us some pictures of your cockpit panels, we can show your fellow builders the wide range of possibilities of FsXPand. Need to talk about what is shown here? Our forum is the place to be.


Didier, from France
Helicopter simulator


And by night



Andy, from Germany
Andy is building a Baron 58 simulator, these frames really do the trick here

Baron Pilot

F/O side using FsClient's digits only radio stack option

Baron cockpit


MAC-Gerd, germany
Gerd is flying this one with virtual Frankfurt-Hahn Controller Crew, coming near the real thing.


Cockpit overview

Details of flightdeck

Details of his flightdeck


Tommie Wood, USA
You don't need to buy ready to go MIP's to make a nice simulator like Tommie shows here. Start DIY-wise and you can end up anywhere.



Fly by night

Fly by night


R. Jonkers, SA
Two very compact setups that show you how easy it can be using software gauges behind a mask.

Impressive MIP as well, Rob!

Flight Deck

Flightdeck type

GA cockpit

General Aviation cockpit


Kim, Channel Islands

If you want a light aircraft cockpit, FsXPand is the way to go. Look how smartly built.

GA panel

Behind the controls

And Airmap X on the right.


Dave, UK

Just a few shots of his completed 737NG pit. Well done, Dave.

737NG cockpit overview

737NG EICAS close-up

Yes, it is FsXpand...



Steve is well on track building his AH64 Apache.

The AH64 framework

Apache AH64 cockpit when lit

AH64 front framework

Do we all build such shells?


Stephane, France

Stephane shows us that with just one monitor, a light aircraft panel can be made easily. A few modules gives you just what you want to complete the cockpit.

cockpit (light aircraft)

One wide screen may be enough to display a simple glass cockpit for a jet. And it is easy to switch types of course.

cockpit (jet aircraft)


John Crossland, UK

Here's an example of the cockpit built with the help of Dave Lidgley. They have done a lovely job, all the knobs and switches are fully functional on the panel. It's a perfect example of a GA cockpit using FsXPand.

Piper cockpit with FsXPand


Bas van Leeuwen (KLM077), Netherlands

Bas van Leeuwen recently updated his site with new cockpit info.
Take a look at his FSF. With this principle of making a general aviation cockpit it's easy to change your setup for flying different aircraft in FS2004 or FSX.
Instrument panels can be changed according to the required instruments configuration of the plane. The panels can be taken away easily when the desk is used for normal desktop work in stead of flight simulation...



Matthew Fitzjohn, Mawson Lakes, Australia

These are pictures of Matt's B737-800 simulator. Matthew is using 3 LCD screens behind the  MIP. Matt's plan is to use 3 projectors for the views later on.

B737-800 dual cockpit using FsXPand


Boeing 737-800 zoom

Showing some detail


Ian Sissons, UK

Ian Sissons 737NG cockpit is nearing its completion. You can check all of his work at http://www.737ng.co.uk but you can contact Ian on our forum as well.

Boeing 737-600 cockpit 

The pictures below show the FsXPand part in it. His trick is to take a flatscreen big enough to cover the whole center section, and show both EICAS and auxiliary instruments on it:

Central pedestal

Zooming in to the central displays

Boeing 737NG standby instruments

Auxiliary instruments and EICAS panel based on version 5.6

737NG EICAS condensed mode

And now for the condensed view. With a turn of the rotary switch, Ian can show any one of 5 different configurations. It is done by sending keystrokes to FsClient using a dedicated card.

737NG rotary flap gauge

Check the flap gauge

In his own words:
" I am so happy with your program..... it looks very good.....
This morning, I have flown the simulator for 2 hours with all programs running. I have no problems or bugs to report...everything works fine together...
I am still amazed at the ability of FsXpand to fill the gap on the EICAS screen. Now all my displays are operating and everybody who has seen it is well impressed. "


, France

This is a close-up of FX's experimental Helicopter application of FsXpand. Specific heli gauges are on the way, and I am sure more people are going to like them.

     Heli setup with FsXpand


Sandor Ujpal , Hungary (737-400)

Here's an overview in the air. Sandor is currently working with the Cessna 172, but this is really a multi-purpose sim. Behind the glass there are hardware instruments. FsXPand panels are used to extend the panel with more instruments. Look at the nice 3-screen Wideview display...
Recently, he added B737 functionality in his cockpit:



An overview of the pedestal

     Cessna panel

     Cessna panel   Panel extension by FsXpand

To the left: Basic (hardware) Cessna panel. To the right: Panel extension by FsXpand


Mark Deponeo, United Kingdom, 737NG

Mark is a real craftsman. The TQ here is entirely home made. It is a matter of pennies according to Mark.
Believe it or not, the instrument panel at the left is just a prototype.

737NG panel prototype     737NG DIY throttle quadrant

To the left: the MIP, to the right: DIY Throttle quadrant

     737NG overview
A quick test


Philippe Chauffoureaux (pchauffo),  Suisse

Philippe has his simulator based on Milton Shupe's Dash 7. He could lay hands on a mock-up and brought it to life with IOcards and Beta Innovation stuff. Of course the gauges are displayed by FsXPand.
Philippe had a problem displaying the right flap positions, but we patched it:
" A big thank for this perfect support! A patch in a such small amount of time! FYI, it is working perfectly on my configuration after having been in trouble! "
You can contact Paul on our forum.

Dash 7 panel with FsXPand

Is this a real Dash or what?

Dash 7 Cabin          Dash 7 cockpit  overview
Two beamers project on glass equipped with translucid paper


Kevin Belson,  UK

Kevin has chosen the Beech A36 for his simulator, and has finally rebuilt it.
One of his tricks is, to take two old laptops going to be slung out at work, and mount them in brackets behind the panel board.

Beechcraft A36 simulator

birds eye view

A36 panel overview


displays fixed to the back

laptop trick


Andre S.

Andre is building a King-Air cockpit.

" First congrats on an brilliant software idea.It looks good, works well and helps us cockpit builders a stack. "

Andre uses 2 Pc's with each three screens. One for center, left and right forward views, and one for basic flight and engine instruments with in the middle the radiostack & autopilot.

andre's cockpit

Andre modified the standard turbine template to concentrate radios, autopilot and annunciator bar in the center.


Kurt Sunday, New Mexico

Here's another one building a 737NG cockpit.

"FsXPand is GREAT!
I registered and started using FsXPand on Friday.  I have FxClient running
on three old P3 (Win98) boxes.  Your program simply rocks!!
I am building a 737NG cockpit on a motion platform.  FsXPand is an awesome
alternative to Project Magenta when building on a budget.  I hope to post
pictures soon.
Thanks again for a great product!"

Pictures coming soon...


Magnus Karsson, Sweden

This guy just wrote:
Great software!
"Hi there,
what an excellent piece of software you have produced!.... "